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Dire Straits and its string of hits made Mark Knopfler a well-known figure, but going solo gave him freedom to present a wider range songs. Knopfler blew apart any such misperceptions with the opening numbers of his brilliant two-plus hour concert Aug. Knopfler is on tour supporting his ninth solo album, Down the Road Wherever. Disbanding Dire Straits in was his second best career move. Dire Straits and its string of hits made Knopfler a well-known figure, but going solo gave him freedom to present a wider range songs. He is obviously proud of his past, playing five Dire Straits songs at his Boston concert. And with Dire Straits, Knopfler developed a signature style that still suits him well.

Single “Why aye man” FULL CD (4 tracks)

To go by the setlist that Mark Knopfler chose to perform Saturday at the Bank of America Pavilion, you’d never know that he had a relatively new album to flog. It was hardly a greatest-hits show, though, at least not the way that it’s typically understood. It was really more of a sampler, spanning his solo career with a handful of Straits songs thrown in.

He began with “Cannibals,” his six-piece backing band providing cajun seasoning before shifting into the vaguely Celtic cut-time stomp of “Why Aye Man. Ironically, the most stripped-down number was also the most chaotic, as Glenn Worf’s upright bass and the clickety-clack of Danny Collins’s drums were all Knopfler’s guitar needed to give the bluesy “Song for Sonny Liston” a John Lee Hooker feel.

Like Hooker, Knopfler has always had a low, often unvarying rumble for a voice, but there were times on Saturday when he seemed particularly unexpressive and in need of enunciation lessons.

A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term “aye man” – from the Lyrics.​com website. Aye Man [Live] · Mark Knopfler This one’s for the bouncers.

The Ragpicker’s Dream is the third solo studio album by British singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Knopfler , released on 30 September by Mercury Records internationally, and by Warner Bros. Records in the United States. The album is a collection of songs written from the point of view of poor but dignified itinerant men, struggling to get by in life, often enjoying small triumphs. Knopfler gives a folk imprint to the whole album without relying too heavily on the acoustic guitar.

The first song, “Why Aye Man”, was used as the theme tune for the third series of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet which first aired in The album cover shows a black and white photograph of a man and a woman dancing in a kitchen. In his review for AllMusic , Hal Horowitz gave the album three out of five stars, calling the album “a pleasant, classy, often inspired effort whose unassuming charms are best appreciated after repeated listenings.

The memorable riffage that fueled Dire Straits’ most radio-friendly material has been discarded for a more pastoral approach, making this a perfect album for a rainy Sunday morning. Like his Notting Hillbillies side project, it isn’t entirely unplugged, yet there is an emphasis on acoustic accompaniment to its predominantly ballad slant. Instead of leaving space for traditional soloing, Knopfler weaves his snake-like guitar between the words.

This infuses a tense, edgy quality in even the most bucolic tracks. Horowitz singles out the title track, which he describes as “an homage to the American roots music he’s always admired. All songs were written by Mark Knopfler.

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He’s my hero, especially because of the fact that while he’s a superstar, he’s still as normal and modest like any of my friends!! His music and lyrics are a great help for me in life, not Every day I don’t think he’s that kind of chap to be honest, I’d rather like to think of a situation where I happen to meet him in a pub in Central London choose any.

“Why Aye Man” had a good run as a live song, and he still plays “Hill Farmer’s Blues”, but this album has much more to offer. “Devil Baby” gives us a glimpse of a.

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The show in capital of Denmark was one of many dates during …. The show in capital of Denmark was one of many dates during his long worldwide tour, and like most of them was completely sold out shortly after the tickets were put on sale. Lucky fans who managed to get the tickets completely filled in the venue almost forty minutes before the show, and were patiently waiting for the legendary guitarist to hit the stage. The show started punctually at 8pm when main star of the evening entered the stage accompanied with the full band of musicians.

The full band consisting of nine musicians was providing an amazing musical support to Mark Knopfler who was completing it with his beautiful guitar parts.

The Ragpicker’s Dream is the third solo studio album by British singer-songwriter and guitarist The first song, “Why Aye Man”, was used as the theme tune for the third series of Auf Horowitz singles out the title track, which he describes as “an homage to the American roots All songs were written by Mark Knopfler.

In announcing the U. In the midst of reminiscing on an early trip to Phoenix, Knopfler said, “I was a bit of a young dude then,” pausing to mock himself for saying “dude” before adding, “And now, I think I should retire. Some fans shouted “No! So that takes care of that argument. I mean, I’ll come along one night and just fall over, and that’ll just take care of everything. Until then, he added, he can play a new song, which he did, performing a track from “Down The Road Wherever” called “My Bacon Roll,” his bandmates getting the audience to clap along to a bittersweet character song in which Knopfler adopts the persona of a man out of time, his delivery as conversational as ever.

That much was clear from the opening song, a spirited romp through “Why Aye Man,” which benefited greatly from the addition of horns that weren’t there on the studio version. On “Once Upon a Time in the West,” it did the same from flute to trumpet to guitar. He played five Dire Straits songs, from an epic rendition of “Romeo and Juliet” to an encore-opening version of “Money for Nothing” that had more people standing than any other song in his roughly two-hour performance.

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Post a comment. Producers : Chuck Ainlay and Mark Knopfler. Label: Mercury. The Players:. Mark Knopfler: Guitars, Vocals.

Get Mark Knopfler Why Aye Man sheet music notes, chords. Transpose, print or convert, download Rock PDF and learn to play Guitar Tab score in minutes.

If I could alter reality, every last one of those 1, fans with the exceptions of this critic and his date would be an aspiring young guitar player. That would have made my job so much more enjoyable down the line. Everything he plays means something and works to further the song. He is exactly the kind of role model that young players need in this MTV-influenced world, where playing flashy guitar leads somehow translates on the small screen to driving flashy red sports cars and dating flashy swimsuit models.

The exalted six-string guru, who Rolling Stone magazine ranked as No. In some cases, the recent compositions even towered over the old hits. The experienced dealer proceeded to expertly shuffle his cards between old Dire Straits numbers, older solo material and new songs.

1996 to 2002

By the early part of the 21st century, that sometimes subconscious element of his songwriting was leading him ever further from the stadium-sized rock of Dire Straits and back towards the folk and acoustic inclinations of his early years. These were songs about itinerant, dignified working-class people and their tenacious determination to survive. The song has remained particularly prominent, serving as the opening number for the Down The Road Wherever Tour in

THERE’S ONLY ONE thing that would have made Mark Knopfler’s with a haunting version of the “Ragpicker’s Dream”-gem “Why Aye Man.”.

If the name conjures up images of poetry slams and coffeehouses packed with nonsequiturs, relax — the Philly-by-way-of-London duo Floetry has far too much ambition for that. The pair’s debut is more in line with the tunes they’ve penned for artists like Glenn Lewis and even Wacko Jacko himself, offering neo-soul concoctions that stand alongside the best of the genre. As the primary voice behind those songs, singer Marsha Ambrosius carries the weight of the album; full-throated diva workouts like “Sunshine” and “Say Yes” highlight a delicious string of retro slow jams as sweet as anything likeminded balladeers Maxwell or Jill Scott have come up with yet.

But amid the testifying, “floacist” Natalie Stewart manages to make her spoken interludes a welcome diversion, rather than a distraction. Overcoming the automatic handicap of rapping in a British accent, Stewart uses her storytelling skills to transcend that concern on the tear-jerking “Hey You” and the lovably goofy “Opera,” about a man so good he makes her hit the high notes. And Floetry ends up hitting quite a few of those on this outstanding first effort.

Warner Bros. The lure of Nashville has always pulled at Mark Knopfler, from his days as the fleet-fingered frontman of Dire Straits to the subtle country strains adorning his solo debut, “Golden Heart,” in The country influence is a bit more obvious on “The Ragpicker’s Dream,” Knopfler’s tasteful third solo album. There are old-school steel-guitar licks on “Quality Shoe”and “Daddy’s Gone to Knoxville,” which also features fiddle and foot-tapping acoustic-guitar accompaniment, and a country feel on the lyrics “Old Pigweed.

Acoustic guitars are more prominent on “Ragpicker” than on Knopfler’s past releases — an interesting choice for a musician perhaps best known for his fast, fluid electric-guitar lines. There are still soulful electric solos, like the one on the opening track, “Why Aye Man,” but many of the tunes are built around acoustic rhythms. Lyrically, Knopfler continues to blend imagery from the American South and the north of England, a combination that serves him well.

It’s tough to find rock musicians who retain their vitality after a certain age: witness Phil Collins, Sting and even Eric Clapton.

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